One of the many attractions of living in Greater Vancouver is the ready availability of fine arts.  This is especially true of the upcoming Vancouver International Film Festival.  VIFF is among the five largest film festivals in North America. They screen films from 80 countries on 10 screens. The international line-up includes the pick of the world’s top film fests and many undiscovered gems.  And during the festival, you can also thrill your tastebuds at the VIFF partner restaurants.  An amazing time is sure to be had by all.

The VIFF Mandate: Founded in 1982, VIFF is a charitable not-for-profit cultural organization whose mission is:

  1. to encourage understanding of the world’s cultures through the art of cinema, to foster the art of cinema, to facilitate the meeting in British Columbia of cinema professionals from around the world, and to stimulate the motion picture industry in British Columbia.
  2. to operate an annual Vancouver International Film Festival, a festive public celebration bringing to British Columbia the best in contemporary Canadian and international cinema and retrospective programs.
  3. to operate the Vancouver International Film Centre, providing the public and film community with an excellent facility for the appreciation of cinema and related art forms throughout the year.