When it comes time to finalizing the purchase of your home and taking possession it can be easy to get carried away with excitement. After all the hard of work of house hunting, writing offers, arranging a home inspection and getting your finances in order is behind you.

However, you must be careful to do a diligent final walk through of the home. You need to ensure that you are receiving the home in the same condition that you purchased it in and protect yourself against any unexpected expenses. By failing to thoroughly check your new home you could risk paying for expensive appliances or home repairs out of your own pocket.

Today I’ve compiled the most comprehensive final walk through form or checklist for you to use to help you ensure that:

  1. No changes in condition of the home.
  2. All agreed upon repairs are complete.
  3. All agreed upon items are left behind or removed
  4. All appliances and systems still work.

Comprehensive Final Walk through Checklist

At the start of every final walk through you should run a short load on the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher to make sure these appliances work. By the time you are done checking everything else the cycles should be complete.

1. General Checkpoints

  • Have all agreed upon repairs been completed?
  • Is the appropriate paperwork for repairs submitted?
  • Is the home in agreed upon “clean” condition?
  • Did the seller leave all permits, warranties, manuals and receipts for your?

2. Items Purchased with the Home

Check that all the items you purchased with the home (as outlined in sales contract) are still there, including:

  • Curtains and drapes
  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Furnishings
  • Hot tub or sauna
  • Play structures
  • Remote control devices for ceiling fans
  • Remote controls for alarm systems
  • Remote controls for garage doors
  • Owners manual for appliances
  • Large pieces of furtniture

3. Appliances in Working Condition

Check that all of the applicable appliances work properly:

  1. Refrigerator
  2. Dishwasher
  3. Stove, cooktop, oven, microwave
  4. Garbage disposal
  5. Exhaust fans in the Kitchen and Bathroom(s)
  6. Heaters
  7. Ceiling Fans

4. No Damage to Walls, Ceilings and Floors

  • Is there any new damage?
  • Are handrails in stairways secured?
  • Have the floors been damaged by pets?
  • Have any walls or floors been damaged by movers?

5. Electrical and Systems in Order

  • Do all light fixtures work?
  • Does every power outlet have power?
  • Do overhead fans work?
  • Does the doorbell work?
  • Does the alarm system work?
  • Does the intercom work?
  • Are all plate covers there and in good condition?
  • Are all smoke detectors in place?
  • Are all circuits in the circuit break box labelled?

6. Plumbing in Working Condition

  • Does each faucet work?
  • Does each faucet have proper water pressure?
  • Does each faucet deliver hot and cold water? 
  • Are there any leaks under the sinks?
  • Do all toilets flush properly?
  • Are all drains “clog free”?
  • Do overflows on the tubs and sinks work?

7. Windows and Doors Open and Close

  • Do all windows open properly?
  • Do all windows latch
  • Do all windows have screens?
  • Are there any new rips or tears in the screens?
  • Do all doors (exterior and interior) open and close properly?
  • Do the locks work?
  • Does the electric garage door open work?
  • Do all cabinet doors and drawers open and closer properly (kitchen and bathrooms)
  • Is there condensation in double-pained windows?

8. No Mold and Water Damage

  • Do the windows have new signs of mold?
  • Are there new signs of mold or water damaged under the kitchen sink?
  • Are there new signs of mold or water damage in the bathroom?
  • Are there new signs of mold or water damage around the refrigerator, washer, dryer or water heater?

9. Heating and Cooling Systems Work Properly

  • Does the furnace work?
  • Does the air conditioning work?
  • Are any vents blocked?
  • Does the thermostat work?

10. Exterior of the Home in Good Appearance

  • Are all exterior walls and roof in same condition?
  • Is the driveway clear of debris and stains?
  • Are all structures on property in place?
  • Is the landscaping how you expected?
  • Do sprinklers work?

11. Miscellaneous Checks

  • Is the attic or other storage areas empty?
  • Do you see any signs of pests?
  • Are there any signs of bug infestations?
  • Is all debris removed?
  • Is the property clean overall?
  • Areall personal property not included in the sale removed?
  • Do you have all the keys to every lock in the house, basement, garage, shed, mailbox, pool, clubhouse etc?

If you are getting ready to do a final walk through before closing … CongratulationsTake a big sigh of relief knowing that the days of house hunting and signing contracts is nearly over. Soon you will be enjoying your new home, condo or townhouse, hosting parties and entertaining friends. 

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