Ready to buy or sell a home in the Vancouver, BC area? Looking for a Surrey Real Estate Agent to help you? The first, and possibly best place to start, is to ask friends and family for referrals. They can recommend and/or steer you away from Realtors they have worked with previously.

Here are some things to consider if your search requires additional investigation. Don’t just choose the first Agent you meet. Buying or selling a home can be a time consuming process. It is important you find someone you are comfortable working with and with whom you can communicate clearly and openly. You need to trust them and know they understand your needs.

It is okay to interview multiple Realtors prior to committing to working together. Your questions might include:

• How long have they been in the Real Estate business?
• Are they licensed (strongly suggest only working with licenses agents)?
• Are they willing to negotiate on commissions?
• Do they handle both selling and buying properties?
• Are they familiar with the area where you are considering buying?
• Do they have time to handle your transaction from beginning to end?

Agents have different strengths and areas of expertise. Make sure their skills match your needs. Also look for someone with a few years in the market, avoiding those who may have jumped in to make easy money during the real estate boom and don’t have much experience.

You want an experienced agent who is busy, but not too busy. You want someone who knows what they are doing, but not someone who is so busy they won’t have the time needed to walk you through every step of your home sale or purchase.

Make sure they are familiar with the area where you want to buy. A local Real Estate Agent should be familiar with the top real estate neighborhoods, community amenities and housing options, which can help them locate the right home, in the right location and at the right price to match your needs. They can also help you consider all the factors if you are torn between making a decision between two properties or areas.

If you are finding an agent to help you sell your home, try to negotiate an exclusive contract for 90 days as opposed to 6 months. And ask to see their sales track record before signing any agreements. You don’t want to exclusively commit to an agent who hasn’t sold a listing in a year. You can also rely on your Realtor for references to the other resources you will need when buying or selling a Surrey, BC home. These include suggestions about lenders, attorneys, inspectors, service businesses and appraisers, among others.

Selecting the right Realtor can set the tone for the purchase of your new home. Take your time, don’t be afraid to ask questions and trust your “gut”. Hopefully, you will be well on your way to finding the home of your dreams in Surrey, Langley, White Rock, Vancouver and surrounding areas.