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Situated between Vancouver and New Westminster, Burnaby is the third largest city (by population) in BC. Known for its many parks and beautiful lakes (like Deer Lake Park), Burnaby was once a rural outpost but has since evolved into a dynamically growing metropolitan area. Burnaby BC offers all types of Real Estate for sale, for all kinds of buyers. Whether you are a real estate investor looking to purchase rental properties, a business professional looking to purchase some commercial real estate, or a first time homebuyer looking for a detached home, a townhome, or a cheap one bedroom condo for sale in Burnaby close to transit, our Burnaby MLS listings will surely have what you are looking for. Burnaby MLS listings reveal plenty of possibilities for Burnaby condos, townhomes and detached homes for sale. Contact the Taylor Team at 1-778-316-4290 and let us show you how Burnaby’s Real Estate can satisfy buyers of all ages, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds.

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For sale $7,498,000
7235 BAYVIEW DRIVE, burnaby, British Columbia

7235 Bayview Drive

Burnaby, British Columbia

4 Bedroom 5 Bathroom 6048 sqft
For sale $6,900,000
8112 GOVERNMENT ROAD, burnaby, British Columbia

8112 Government Road

Burnaby, British Columbia

4 Bedroom 6 Bathroom 5635 sqft
For sale $5,498,000
7356 BRAESIDE DRIVE, burnaby, British Columbia

7356 Braeside Drive

Burnaby, British Columbia

2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1396 sqft
For sale $5,188,000
6210 PEARL AVENUE, burnaby, British Columbia

6210 Pearl Avenue

Burnaby, British Columbia

11 Bedroom 9 Bathroom 6379 sqft
For sale $4,990,000
6118 GORDON AVENUE, burnaby, British Columbia

6118 Gordon Avenue

Burnaby, British Columbia

7 Bedroom 8 Bathroom 5803 sqft
For sale $4,900,000
5070 CANADA WAY, burnaby, British Columbia

5070 Canada Way

Burnaby, British Columbia

4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 2914 sqft
For sale OPEN HOUSE $4,688,000
4735 SHEPHERD STREET, burnaby, British Columbia

4735 Shepherd Street

Burnaby, British Columbia

8 Bedroom 9 Bathroom 4957 sqft
For sale $4,599,000
7676 STANLEY CRESCENT, burnaby, British Columbia

7676 Stanley Crescent

Burnaby, British Columbia

4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 1957 sqft
For sale $4,599,000
7378 MORLEY STREET, burnaby, British Columbia

7378 Morley Street

Burnaby, British Columbia

7 Bedroom 7 Bathroom 6415 sqft
For sale OPEN HOUSE $4,388,000
4568 MCKEE STREET, burnaby, British Columbia

4568 Mckee Street

Burnaby, British Columbia

6 Bedroom 7 Bathroom 5529 sqft
For sale $4,288,000
7761 KERRYWOOD CRESCENT, burnaby, British Columbia

7761 Kerrywood Crescent

Burnaby, British Columbia

6 Bedroom 6 Bathroom 5323 sqft
For sale $4,250,000
4479 CARSON STREET, burnaby, British Columbia

4479 Carson Street

Burnaby, British Columbia

11 Bedroom 12 Bathroom 5757 sqft
For sale $3,999,000
6056 KEITH STREET, burnaby, British Columbia

6056 Keith Street

Burnaby, British Columbia

9 Bedroom 10 Bathroom 6441 sqft
For sale $3,998,000
1605 SHERLOCK AVENUE, burnaby, British Columbia

1605 Sherlock Avenue

Burnaby, British Columbia

11 Bedroom 10 Bathroom 4801 sqft
For sale $3,990,000
8246 BURNLAKE DRIVE, burnaby, British Columbia

8246 Burnlake Drive

Burnaby, British Columbia

5 Bedroom 5 Bathroom 4028 sqft
For sale $3,988,000
1050 CLIFF AVENUE, burnaby, British Columbia

1050 Cliff Avenue

Burnaby, British Columbia

5 Bedroom 6 Bathroom 4761 sqft
For sale $3,980,000
3580 PHILLIPS AVENUE, burnaby, British Columbia

3580 Phillips Avenue

Burnaby, British Columbia

5 Bedroom 7 Bathroom 5538 sqft
For sale $3,888,000
8007 BRADLEY AVENUE, burnaby, British Columbia

8007 Bradley Avenue

Burnaby, British Columbia

10 Bedroom 11 Bathroom 5620 sqft
For sale $3,880,000
7251 UNION STREET, burnaby, British Columbia

7251 Union Street

Burnaby, British Columbia

7 Bedroom 7 Bathroom 4731 sqft
For sale $3,880,000
4024 OXFORD STREET, burnaby, British Columbia

4024 Oxford Street

Burnaby, British Columbia

7 Bedroom 6 Bathroom 4009 sqft
For sale $3,800,000
7279 BROADWAY, burnaby, British Columbia

7279 Broadway

Burnaby, British Columbia

7 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 3996 sqft
For sale $3,798,000
5770 CHARLES STREET, burnaby, British Columbia

5770 Charles Street

Burnaby, British Columbia

7 Bedroom 7 Bathroom 4951 sqft
For sale $3,748,000
1430 DUTHIE AVENUE, burnaby, British Columbia

1430 Duthie Avenue

Burnaby, British Columbia

7 Bedroom 8 Bathroom 4754 sqft
For sale $3,699,000
5488 IMPERIAL STREET, burnaby, British Columbia

5488 Imperial Street

Burnaby, British Columbia

4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 2100 sqft
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About Burnaby BC

Burnaby is the place to be in the Lower Mainland BC. Centrally located and easy accessible, Burnaby is not only convenient but energetic, vibrant, and full of life. At night Burnaby’s city core lights up and becomes a neon playground for night owls. During the day you can see young children and families in the neighbourhood laughing and playing safely on the quiet inner streets of Burnaby’s popular residential areas.

Burnaby’s motto is “By River and Sea Rise Burnaby” and places like Burnaby Mountain Park, with its surrounding hills and lakes, offer both tranquility and recreation. As well, real estate on Burnaby Mountain offers stunning views of the city.

Burnaby Real Estate Statistics

July 2017 Benchmark Prices Burnaby East Burnaby North Burnaby South
Detached House $1,286,100 $1,585,500 $1,718,600
Townhouse $614,300 $689,300 $755,400
Apartment/Condo $647,400 $550,900 $637,800

(From MLS® Home Price Index – Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver July 2017.)

*Benchmark price is the estimated sale price of a benchmark property which represent a typical property within the market.

Burnaby Condos

If you are looking for an upscale Burnaby condo for sale, with views, you’ll find it here. Burnaby’s newer condo high rises offer some of the most amazing views of the city, the North Shore Mountains, and the Fraser River. Condos in Burnaby are a hot commodity and often when listed at the right price can sell very quickly as the demand seems to stay fairly constant. Burnaby condos commonly start in the $300,000 range. If you have a healthier budget and would like to get a higher end condo you can easily find Burnaby condos for sale (with views) for around $700,000-$900,000, and even into the millions for larger penthouse or upper floor condos with amazing unobstructed views.

Burnaby Townhouses

There is always new real estate development happening in the city and there are often fantastic new Townhouses for Sale in Burnaby. Townhouses in Burnaby start at around $400,000 for a one floor exterior entrance unit, which may need some updating and TLC.  For a two-level townhome in Burnaby you will need to look in the mid $600,000’s to find a suitable two or three-bedroom Burnaby Townhome for sale. Currently a popular trend are new mixed developments featuring both townhouses and condos.

Burnaby Houses

Burnaby offers many great schools, parks, and recreational programs, and is a great place to raise a family. If you are looking for a home with a suite, there are many reasonably priced homes for sale with secondary suites (what we like to refer to as mortgage helpers) in and around BCIT Technical Institute and SFU University. You can easily rent your lower half of the home to students for additional income. Detached Burnaby homes for sale in and around this area start at the $1.1 million mark and range upward in price, depending on the location and condition.

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