Richmond BC Homes for Sale

Boyd Park, Bridgeport, Broadmoor, Garden City, and Steveston have all helped the Richmond Real Estate Market become a market unlike any other in BC, Canada. In Richmond you can find some very busy and very high in-demand trends that are largely due to plenty of “Out of Country” buyers and Investors. A review of Richmond MLS listings over time reveals that Real Estate in Richmond has seen some very significant price increases that are not expected to change anytime in the near future. Richmond BC is continuously rated amongst the top places in the world to live and individuals continue to battle for property here on a daily basis. Contact our Sutton Realty agent Natasha Taylor of the Taylor Team at 1-778-316-4290 to learn more about condos, townhomes, and detached homes for sale in Richmond BC.

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Richmond BC Real Estate Statistics

Property Type Benchmark Price* 1 Year Change % 3 Year Change % 5 Year Change % 10 Year Change %
Single Family Detached House $1,676,000 -0.9% 67.9% 70.3% 138.4%
Townhouse $800,600 10.5% 57.5% 61.0% 94.5%
Condo/Apartment $594,100 26.4% 62.8% 70.7% 80.4%

(From MLS® Home Price Index – Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver August 2017.)

*Benchmark price is the estimated sale price of a benchmark property which represent a typical property within the market.

About Richmond BC

The Richmond housing market continues to grow with many newly built detached homes, townhouses, and condos for sale. Richmond is immediately south of Vancouver, which is great for someone wanting to live close to, but not within, the city of Vancouver. Many of the new home developments taking place here in Richmond British Columbia are multifamily housing units such as condos and townhomes. Richmond BC is a super convenient place to live as you have multiple access and exit points that lead south to the US/Canada Border, or North into Downtown Vancouver. The YVR Vancouver International Airport is actually located here in Richmond on the North end of the City.

The ethnic face of the city of Richmond has changed dramatically over the last decade or so. Earlier, Richmond’s population was made up of mostly European Canadian residents, but today the population is made up mostly of Asian Canadian residents. Richmond BC is full of color and Asian style cuisines, entertainment and culture. It’s also a lovely place to visit and a great place to eat. There is a never-ending supply of entertainment and fun for the entire family to enjoy here.

Let the Taylor Team show you Richmond homes for sale in a place that is renowned for its shopping, as Richmond has 6 different shopping centres to choose from. Richmond is also home to the Richmond Auto Mall, vibrant Asian goods stores, the Steveston Fishing and Tourism area, and world-class Golf Courses; these are what make real estate in Richmond so high in demand.

Richmond Condos

Condos for sale in Richmond BC typically start in the $300,000 range although you may find some condo listings for under $200,000. As of August 2017, the median selling price for a Richmond condo was $528,800. As of recent, there are a dozen or so new condos in various stages of construction and the condo market is constantly expanding.

Richmond Townhouses

Townhouses for sale in Richmond BC start at approximately $700,000. There are some townhouses for under $600,000 but they are far and few between. As of August 2017, the median selling price for a Richmond townhouse was $896,900. As with condos, there are several brand-new townhouse developments under construction in Richmond.

Richmond Houses

While there are still some houses in Richmond for under $1 million most carry a price tag over $1 million with many in the multi-million dollar range. As of August 2017, the median selling price for a Richmond house was $1,577,000. In many neighborhoods throughout the city developers and builders are buying old houses for the land value and rebuilding their dream luxury style home.

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