Are you getting ready to list your home for sale but worried about the current state of your kitchen? Concerned that it could turn away potential buyers?

Most buyers are looking for a clean, spacious, and functional kitchen and know that a kitchen renovation (if needed) can come at a hefty price tag. However, there are many ways to go about staging your kitchen to sell whether you kitchen is dated, cluttered, empty, or just needs a little extra TLC.

We have compiled this list of kitchen home staging ideas that will help make your kitchen attractive and an enjoyable room to occupy – and give your potential buyers a reason to say YES when it comes to writing an offer.

Dig right in and find out how to make your kitchen cabinets, counter, and overall appearance appeal more to buyers.

Staging Kitchen Cabinets

  1. If cupboards are older, dark, and outdated, consider a coat of paint to freshen them up.
  2. Consider swapping out hardware if it is dated and not contemporary.
  3. Organize cupboards. Remove odd cups, plates, or anything not belonging to a set of dishes.
  4. Arrange your pantry to make it neat and tidy.
  5. When staging a kitchen, clean your cupboards inside and out. Dirty, disorganized cupboards can turn away potential buyers.

Staging a Kitchen Counter

  1. Leave no more than 2 appliances on your counter. A clean toaster and a coffee machine. Too many appliances clutter the counter and make it seem smaller.
  2. Get rid of sponges, cloths, and scouring pads, or trays of cleaning utensils. You can leave fancy hand soap, but when staging a kitchen, put it on a tray of some kind.
  3. Make sure your sink and counter are spotless. If the sink has leaks, fix them before a showing.
  4. Remove the garbage can. Get rid of any odours in the kitchen.
  5. Accessorize your stove with a nice teapot or colourful pot.

Other Tips for Staging Your Kitchen to Sell

  1. If your appliances are outdated, replace them with inexpensive models. Completely clean every appliance. Remove fridge magnets and photos.
  2. Ensure all the windows are clean and clear, sills included.
  3. Place a setting for two on the table after a thorough cleaning.
  4. Fresh greenery or cut flowers on a counter or table is a nice touch if you are staging a kitchen.
  5. Remove hanging dish towels and pot holders. Keep the kitchen sparse. Show off the features like counters and appliances.

If you’re staging a kitchen for photos to use with your MLS listing, the tips above still apply. Spend some time making your kitchen appealing. It’s the most used room in a house and should be the main feature for buyers.

Short on time? Hire a professional cleaner.

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