You’ve decided! Your timing is excellent. The kids have all moved out. The BC real estate market in the Fraser Valley is very strong. You’ve sold your house and looking to relocate to a lower maintenance condo or townhouse in Langley or Surrey, BC.

But what are you going to do with all your stuff? The secondary freezer in the garage? Gardening tools and equipment? Extra bedroom suites in the guest rooms? Multiple TVs throughout the house? Where do you even begin?

That possession date might have felt like an eternity away when you signed the sales agreement, but it will in fact be here before you know it. Don’t panic! Here’s a few tips for downsizing your home so that you can divide and conquer that mountain of stuff!

For smaller things, go through each room of the house, including garage and outbuildings, with a number of boxes. What you’ll put into those boxes, and how you label them, will depend on their intended destination.

Box #1: Items you want to keep. Once full, these boxes can be sealed, labelled and set aside for the movers.

Box #2: Items that family members may want. Knickknacks, keepsakes, heirlooms, or favourite household items.

Box #3: Items to sell. Listings could be posted on Kijiji, Craigslist, or in your local newspaper.

Box #4: Items for donation. These could go to the Salvation Army, Value Village, or some other organization that subsidizes their non-profit by selling things you donate.

For larger items, like furniture and appliances, use the same process and label each accordingly.

Review the items you want to keep. If there is still too much go through the process again and downsize a little more aggressively.

When moving day rolls around, you’ll be less stressed and more focused on the joys of your new home.

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