I can feel it.

Spring is coming soon and we’re getting the itch to start cleaning and reorganizing our homes. As you go through the motions of spring cleaning here are some cheap and simple ways to update your home without breaking the bank!

If you are looking to sell your home soon many of these home improvement ideas will help make your home more appealing to buyers; the affordable upgrades can even increase the value of your home. If you are looking to buy a home you will realize that many of these little things make the difference between homes you consider writing an offer on and homes you have to stretch to see their potential.

Kitchen Improvement Ideas

  1. Replace the old kitchen faucet.
  2. Add new cabinet door handles and knobs.
  3. Paint old wood cabinets a fresh white color.
  4. Update old light fixtures.
  5. Order new doors or face panels to update mix-and-match appliances.

Bathroom Improvement Ideas

  1. Replace old toilets with low-flow water saving toilet.
  2. Replace old floor with stick on or click into place vinyl tiles (right over the old one).
  3. Regrout or replace tile in shower and tub.
  4. Replace shower surround.
  5. Change your shower curtain.
  6. Add a unique or framed mirror above the sink.
  7. Add extra storage or shelving above the toilet.

Decor & Storage Improvement Ideas

  1. Hang mirrors in areas that feel small to increase the light that shines through the room and makes it feel bigger.
  2. Add wire or laminate closet systems.
  3. Clear out clutter, organize and store away.
  4. Add fresh flowers around the home.

Flooring Improvement Ideas

  1. Hire a professional or rent a carpet shampooer to clean your rugs and make the home smell fresh.
  2. Consider changing old carpet to laminate or hardwood.

Lighting Improvement Ideas

  1. Replace a recessed light fixture with an updated chandelier or accent light fixture.
  2. Install new  white or stainless steel switchplate covers.
  3. Change lampshades.
  4. Upgrade lightbulbs to energy efficient ones.

Walls and Trim Improvements

  1. Apply a fresh coat of white paint to areas needing a new look.
  2. Install crown molding in the living room.
  3. Replace old dented baseboard trim.
  4. Upgrade door and window trim.

Windows Improvements 

  1. Clean dust  off the blinds.
  2. Replace old curtains.
  3. Update old 1 inch vinyl blinds with current 2 inch wood blinds.

Door Upgrade Ideas

  1. Replace old door knobs and hinges.
  2. Paint the front door a bright and welcoming color. 

Boosting Your Curb Appeal

  1. Trim overgrown shrubs.
  2. Add some potted plants.
  3. Add a new layer of mulch to your flower beds.

More Landscaping Tips to increase your curb appeal.

Did I miss anything? What will you be putting on your “Spring Cleaning List”? What is one upgrade you’ve done on your home that was worth the investment?

If you are thinking of putting your Vancouver or Surrey house for sale this Spring I’d love to speak to you. I can provide additional ideas to quickly and easily increase the value of your home before you even list. Contact me at 778-316-4290 or email me at ntaylor@sutton.com.