Is this warm summer weather leaving you wishing your outdoor space was a little more attractive? Are you eyeing the neighbor’s yard where the grass is always greener?

The truth is that landscaping and outdoor space can affect more than just your emotions. There are studies that show landscaping can have a huge effect on property value as well. The studies that I have read suggest good landscaping can increase your property value from between 5 and 10%.

If you are thinking of re-landscaping and want to think of increasing the value of your property at the same time, consider these tips I’ve pulled from experience and from around the web.

1. Quick, DIY Landscaping Fixes

If you want to spend minimal time improving your home’s curb appeal there a few quick things you can do in one weekend: edge the flower beds, fertilize the grass, add new mulch and plant a few colorful flower plants in areas that need a little extra appeal.

2. Add Seasonal Planters and Hanging Baskets

Nothing says welcome home better than a front porch with a basket of flowers, a mixed green planter or a couple hanging baskets. Container plants are an extremely easy way to perk up your curb appeal … just visit your local nursery and purchase a couple planters and set in place! Just remember to water.

3. Seek Year Round Enjoyment

When adding new plants to your property be sure to visit your local nursery for assistance in choosing plants that will bloom at various points throughout the year. A summer garden can be bright and colorful but what happens to it after the first frost? Go for four seasons of color so that your yard looks good year round.

4. Let Your Landscaping Grow

A lot of my clients like to find properties with mature trees and landscaping that provide more shade or more privacy. When you plant a new tree or row of shrubs remember that their value will naturally incrase over time as they mature. Compared to renovating your kitchen or bathroom which begins to deteriorate in value the minute you start using it trees will never go out of style and only increase in value as they grow taller.

5. Add Some Privacy

Waving hello to your neighborhoods is nice but having direct vision lines into their backyards can become a nuisance. Add a row of shrubs for privacy and plant a few trees to break up sight lines. Over the years your privacy will grow and become a great selling feature when it comes time to sell.

6. Go for Easy Long Term Maintenance

There is nothing worse than a potential buyer coming to your home and making the comment, “Can you imagine maintaining this yard?” Yes, a great yard takes time to maintain but you need to make sure to choose low maintenance plants and take care to prune your yard every couple years. A little work each year is better than having to cut down a massive jungle in your backyard after ten years!

7. Add an Outdoor Seating Area

Outdoor entertaining space can improve the attractiveness of a home and plays a trick on the eyes of any prospective buyer: it can make the house appear larger! Even though it’s not an indoor space it can act like a secondary living space for warm summer months. When prospective buyers come to look at your home it’s easy to picture themselves on the back deck grilling dinner and entertaining guests or reading a book in a comfortable chair on the front porch.

Do you have a green thumb? What is your landscaping tip we can use here in the Fraser Valley? Are you a buyer? What do you look for in a backyard?