Today is the first official day of spring even though in Greater Vancouver our weather lately has been anything but springy.

Did you know that spring is the busiest season for Surrey Delta real estate? The warm weather opens people up to the idea of moving, more condos and houses go up for sale and overall people are ready to leave winter behind and start fresh.

If you are thinking about putting your condo, townhouse or house up for sale here are some inexpensive practical tips to make your home “market ready”.

1. Clean and Deodorize

Nothing is more welcoming than the smell of a clean fresh home. Make sure floors are clean, appliances are polished, bathrooms are disinfected and possessions are put away. Deeper cleaning such as washing curtains, cabinets, windowsills and baseboards help to make the house smell even cleaner. If it’s a warm spring day, open up your windows to let in fresh air and deodorize the place. Smells such as cigarette smoke, pet dander and strong foods can affect others’ judgment on your property and can turn potential buyers away.

2. De-clutter and Organize

For people who have lots of “stuff” de-cluttering is a big part of helping your home to show well. The more stuff you have sitting out, packed in your closets or stacked in your basement, the smaller your house will appear to prospective buyers. If you can’t part with all of your possessions consider renting a storage unit and moving out any unnecessary items to free up space. Think of this as a head start on packing for when it comes time to move.

3. Depersonalize

Removing your own personal touches can be one of the most difficult things to do but is also one of the most rewarding. Depersonalizing a space allows prospective buyers to more easily envision themselves living in the space. Take down magnets and pictures from your fridge, replace large family portraits with neutral paintings, take down mementos, trinkets and trophies from shelves and put your toothbrush under the sink!

4. Neutralize and Make the Space “Normal”

Some home owners put their own unique personal touches on their home. For example, they may paint their living room walls lime green and hot pink or convert the basement into a giant sewing room. Potential buyers often have trouble visualizing how they can use the space when current owners have it set up in such a unique way. As much as possible, rearrange furniture and paint walls a neutral color (this will also make the house feel fresh and clean) in order to give the house a sense of normalcy.

5. Stage and Decorate

Your house does not need to look like it’s straight from a magazine but there are a few simple staging tricks that can make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. Put out fresh extra towels in the guest bathroom, make all the beds, put fresh flowers in a vase, open drapes and turn on lamps for extra lighting. Put out a welcome mat at the front door and remove any dead plants or flowers in the front yard for added curb appeal and a good first impression.

Are you thinking of putting up your house for sale in Surrey or White Rock this spring? I’d be glad to help you prepare your property to be listed and help you sell it too! I’d love to talk with you, call me today at 778-316-4290.  If you’re looking for a new property to call home this spring use my Homes for Sale in BC search tool on my homepage.