Did you know that fall is the second best time of the year to sell your home?

People are settling back into their normal routines, kids are returning to school and there are still a few months of normalcy before the holiday season hits. If you are selling your Vancouver or Fraser Valley home this fall here are some autumn inspired tips.

Clean Up the Yard

One of the best things about fall are the crisp colorful leaves that fall to the ground. However if these leaves clutter your lawn and make your landscaping look like it’s time consuming to maintain you could be in trouble. Before it gets too cold make a point to clean up your lawn by raking leaves, cutting back your annuals and making sure overgrown plants aren’t blocking sunlight from entering your home’s windows.

Replace the Furnace Filter

Before you break down and need to turn on the furnace for the first time this fall have an inspector come check it out. If there are any issues with the furnace or HVAC it is better to have them resolved before putting your home on the market. To avoid bad smells when you run the furnace for the first time be sure to replace the filter. And when you have an open house or private showing turn on the heat to make sure that your home is warm and cozy. Nothing is less welcoming than walking into a cold house.

Decorate Your Home with Fall Accents

Fall brings feelings of warmth, coziness and relaxation. Recover your couch throw pillows with golden covers or add a warm brown blanket over the back of the couch.  Visit your local home store to pick out a few particularly fall-ish pieces to add to your kitchen table or on top of the mantel. Remember the home stager’s “Rule of Thirds” and buy pieces in sets of threes. While you’re at it why not buy a fall inspired wreath to hang on your front door and welcome potential buyers?

Emphasize Natural Light and Add Other Lights as Needed

Fall in the Fraser Valley often means rain, rain and more rain. Maximize the little natural light we do get by opening your blinds and curtains. Overcome the grey skies and gloomy feelings by making sure you turn on as many lights and lamps as possible.

Play To Our Sense of Smell

Who can resist the smell of spicy cinnamon or fresh baked buns? Smells can have a huge impact on our mood and emotions. Before your next showing consider baking some muffins, lighting a scented candle or putting out fall scented potpourri.

Repair Clogged or Leaky Gutters

After the first heavy rainfall this season you will know pretty fast if your gutters need to be cleaned out or repaired. The last thing you want are potential buyers to come to your home and see water pouring out of the gutters. Call in a professional if you need help cleaning out debris from your gutters.

My final tip is valid for selling your home any time of the year: the clutter has got to go!

Buyers do not want to see your trinkets sitting out, boxes in the corners or piles of papers and small appliances in the kitchen. By all means, if you need to rent a storage locker do so. I am inclined to think that the expense of renting storage can often be offset by a higher selling price your more attractive home will get. By eliminating clutter you make your home appealing to all types of buyers and make it seem bigger.

As you prepare to sell your home this season may you find new and happy beginnings!